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A Guide On Tourism In Canada

Canada is a country located in the continent of North America. It has ten provinces and three territories that extend from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean and northward into the Arctic Ocean. It borders the United States of America to the south and west.

Canada’s capital is Ottawa, and its three cities are Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. It is a beautiful country that charms its guests. It boasts of numerous cozy towns, amazing places of interest and landmarks that attract tourists at all times.

Visitors can see the building of the Parliament - A Guide On Tourism In Canada

In Ottawa, visitors can see the building of the Parliament and the Tower of Peace that is located nearby. For shopping, tourists can visit ByWard Market. This market is so big that it occupies several quarters.

Also, in Ottawa, tourists can visit a few dozen of museums like the Canadian Museum of Nature, the Museum of Modern Photography, the Museum of Science, National Gallery of Canada, Canada’s Cold War Museum, National Museum of Aeronautics, Bytown Museum, Canada Agriculture and Food Museum, and others.

Ottawa’s small town of Kingston is famous for its prominent landmark called Fort Henry. Finished in 1812, the fort houses precious historical artifacts that visitors would love to see. Also, the magnificent Lake Ontario is close by and is internationally famous for its beauty and magnificent parks.

Apart from Ottawa, visitors to Canada can visit Toronto. It is a large cultural city with many interesting places to see. Tourists can visit Queen Elizabeth Park, Hyde Park and Toronto Islands Park. These are beautiful national parks that feature large collections of plants, trees and flowers.

There are so many places in Toronto that cultural aficionados would love to visit. These include Ontario Art Gallery, National Opera, the Royal Ontario Museum and Roy Thomson Hall.

Quebec - A Guide On Tourism In Canada

Another beautiful part of Canada that visitors would love to see is Quebec. It is a large science and university province with numerous beautiful university buildings, old libraries, spacious squares, and picturesque Quebec also has several botanic gardens and zoos.

Thousands of tourists visit Canada every year. There are so many events, activities, attractions and vacation spots that put Canada on the world’s tourism map. Connect with this blog for more information.