There are several immigration  programs that you may qualify to immigration to Canada. Factors such as age, educational qualification, language ability, past and present work and study experience elsewhere and in Canada, arranged employment and status of your immediate family member (e.g.  Permanent Residents or Canadian Citizens) determines which of these categories you fall under. Most of these  immigration programs do have very complex structure that requires the experienced, detail oriented and professional approach that WSL Immigration Solutions Inc. can provide you with.

In Canada, Immigration laws and regulations have and continue to change rapidly to better suit the labour market demands and to address  social/cultural requirements of the country.   Therefore, new immigration programs were added and necessary requirements being changed  to ease of the immigration process, as well as to allow a qualified prospective Immigrants to have better chance of application approval. These programs also aim to ease the new comers integration to the Canadian society with out any set backs or hardships.

  • Skilled workers and professionals – for those who wants to immigrate and settle / work in Canada based on work experience ( at least one year with in past ten years) and six major selection factors (outside Quebec)
  • Skilled trades (New) – for those who wants to immigrate based on being qualified in skilled trades and who meets and obtained related licenses in particular field
  • Quebec-selected skilled workers – for people who were selected by the Quebec government and wants to settle and work in Quebec
  • Canadian Experience Class – for those who have Canadian work experience ( at least one year) with in last three years or have graduated and recently worked in Canada
  • Investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed persons – for those who qualify under business category to start and run a business in Canada
  • Provincial nominees – for those whom being nominated by one of the provinces or territories under different provincial or territorial programs
  • Family sponsorship – for those who are Permanent Residents or Canadian Citizens who want to sponsor their immediate family members to reunite them in Canada
  • Live in Caregivers – for those who qualify and willing to provide in private home care with out supervision for children, elderly or persons with disabilities

The above list is just a snapshot of the current available programs. Their eligibility requirements, processing times and chances of being approved are greatly dependant on the various personal factors and individual need of the prospective client or immigrant. Therefore, you must consider the various available options carefully before applying to any program, and must ensure that the selected program is right for your personal needs  and is it the path you want to select to migrate to Canada.

Professional advice and detail step by step guidance through this complicated and life changing process will maximize your chance of acquiring  approvals faster and safeguard you from inevitable hurdles, pitfalls and procedural landmines that will prevent you from achieving your goal.

Do you  need help selecting the correct program for your personal needs with shortest processing time ? We at WSL Immigration Solutions are here to help you to select appropriate program, carefully asses your eligibility and provide professional advice through out this entire process until you successfully land in Canada. And we are not going to stop there. We will also provide you and your family with any required assistance after the immigration process is complete, such as banking, housing arrangements, necessary applications for Social Insurance, schooling for children and advice on employment search, and so on.

We value your satisfaction greatly. Satisfied clients are the path to a success of our business. Please contact us for further details and free offline or online assessment of your eligibility.